Appointment Policy

The aim of this policy is to provide specific information on how Gutsy Nutrition & Dietetics will use and protect your personal information you provide us. By booking an appointment, this means you consent to the following information regarding telehealth consultations. Every effort is made to protect your data and this policy will be updated as and when required by the data controller, Shehnaz Bashir. (Last updated February 2021). Any queries can be sent to


  • Gutsy Nutrition & Dietetics is run by Shehnaz Bashir, Registered Dietitian with the Health and Social Care Professions Council. Registration number DT27134. Shehnaz is also a full member of the British Dietetic Association. Membership number 16595.
  • Shehnaz Bashir aims to use her clinical skills, scientific knowledge and act in a professional manner at all times as per HCPC code of conduct. These skills are used to provide practical and person centred advice.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to participate and carry out the bespoke nutritional care plan agreed during consultations.
  • To promote healthy relationships with food, meal plans will not be included as part of consultations.
  • See the full disclosure policy for more information about Gutsy Nutrition & Dietetics.

Cancellation Policy:

  • We require a 24 hour notice period for cancellations. Any cancellation within 24 hours will require a late cancellation fee of 50% of the consultation price.
  • Those who do not attend an appointment without making contact will be charged the full consultation fee.

About Telehealth Consultations:

  • A telehealth consultation involves the use of video or telephone call to carry dietetic consultation remotely. We will not be in the same room as each other during the consultation. You will be asked your preference prior to booking an appointment.
  • If appropriate, you may be asked to weigh yourself prior to the appointment as this cannot be obtained during a telehealth consultation. We will discuss the measurements during your appointment
  • The main advantages of telehealth include increased flexibility and less travel time for both parties.The main risks include technical and communication difficulties, unauthorised access or communication difficulties.
  • I will ensure your privacy is protected and nobody else can hear the consultation by using secure, encrypted software.
  • If a technical issue occurs during the consultation, we will either switch to telephone or rearrange at the soonest available time.

Consenting to Dietetic Treatment
Booking an appointment with Shehnaz Bashir at Gutsy Nutrition & Dietetics, means you are agreeing to the following thing:

  • Consent for Shehnaz Bashir to carry out a telehealth consultation. You will be contacted via phone or video call (depending on your preference) and if one method hasn’t worked, a back-up method will be provided (telephone or alternative video call software). You have also read what to expect from a telehealth consultation as explained above.
  • Consent for Shehnaz Bashir to contact you regarding your dietetic treatment. This involves follow up phone, text messages or emails as required. You consent to have reminders and resources sent to you.
  • Consent for Shehnaz Bashir to contact your General Practitioner (GP) or other healthcare professionals, if required, as part of your dietetic treatment. This includes the use sharing or obtaining information regarding your care to improve your treatment. Prior to any communication, a discussion will take place during your consultation to obtain express consent.
  • Consent for Shehnaz Bashir to handle your data following GDPR guidelines for the purposes of providing dietetic treatment. This information includes personal contact details, medical history and current medical status and weight. You understand that Shehnaz Bashir is required to hold your records for 8 years as per HCPC guidelines.

If you have any queries regarding this or would like to make an appointment but do not consent to the above, please contact Shehnaz Bashir at